for players
Why it's convenient?
Player360 keeps you in the game. No longer is there need to bother with ATM lines. Make secure mobile purchases from the comfort of your gaming table. But it's not just about payments. Player360 keeps you connected, changing the gaming experience as you know it.
Buy Chips
Easily buy chips using your iPhone or Android device. Store casino player bank accounts and credit lines information in App and use linked accounts to purchase chips through secure transactions. Never miss a hand of cards again. It's that simple.
Digital Receipts
Easily keep track of casino spending. Every transaction is completed with an instant purchase confirmation receipt sent directly to your email or push notification.
Access Banks & Credit Lines
In addition to Paypal, easily link bank accounts and casino credit lines in App giving you access to more funds on the go.
Special Offers
Take advantage of casino promotions through the convenience of your mobile device. Browse special casino offers, coupons, and discounts directly in app.

Never miss a game again. Receive alerts for tournaments, live games, and jackpots directly to your mobile home screen through opt-in messaging.

Cash Drawings
Be instantly entered in to special in casino rewards such as cash drawings simply by stepping inside, app in hand.