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The Fastest Way to Sell Chips
Cash is no longer king. Casino staff can now allocate chips using mobile payments. Leading edge mobile payment processing allows you to sell chips using an iPod touch. Casino staff only need to walk the casino floor to assist patrons wanting more chips.
Accept payments

Process Mobile Payments
Armed with an iPod touch & attached scanner, casino staff have all the capabilities they need to process mobile payments anywhere on the casino floor. QR codes can be presented by players, scanned, processed, and instantly tracked.

Payment Management
Our cutting edge mobile payment processing system fully integrates with the casino cage and provides an admin portal from which administrators can manage players, offers, and payments processed.

Secure Transactions
Player360 utilizes a 3 token system of security. No financial information is ever actually stored. Each account entered in app is assigned an encrypted id token that maps to a token stored on our secured servers, which in turn maps to a token in the PCI compliant Braintree vault.
Stay in touch with your customers. Make sure players are satisfied by administering regular surveys encouraging feedback.

Special Offers
Harness the power of promotion to entice repeat visitors. Inform players of special offers, discounts, and casino coupons.

Push messaging capabilities allow facilitators to easily notify players of tournaments, special promotions, live games, & jackpots directly to player mobile home screens. Keep your players engaged.

Cash Drawings
Reward loyal app users with special in casino rewards including cash drawings for those with the app installed within your casino.

Tailored Marketing
Easily keep track of players for targeted direct marketing promotions based on their games of choice. Every mobile payment is tracked by game type, making segmented promotions easy to administer.

Any promotion attached to a casino game must be pre-approved by the Department of Gaming Control.